Saturday, 13 October 2018

Weekly Update - October 15 - 19

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Last week was a very short week so it went by in a blurr! We are gearing up for Hallowe’en so it should be a very busy couple of weeks.

Our scheduled field trip to the Helen Schuler Coulee Centre is from 12:40 - 2:15 pm Tuesday, October 16th. Parents are welcome on the bus but if you are meeting us there, we usually arrive about 1:00. Thanks in advance to the parents who will be joining us as chaperones.

In addition to working on various Hallowe’en activities, we will be partnering with parents to carve pumpkins on Monday October 29th. We will have 7 pumpkins so we will break students up into small groups of one parent and two  or three students per pumpkin. Extra parents and any volunteers will circulate to help with carving, design ideas and separating the seeds for me to bake before Hallowe'en. We will begin about 10:30ish am and should be finished in time to send students back to class for lunch.
On the afternoon of the 31st, students will be changing into costumes during afternoon recess (2:15ish). After changing, they will head off to the parade in the gym. Immediately following the parade we will gather in our classroom for a party with snacks. Parents are welcome to help students change into their costumes. Please don't send students to school dressed in their costumes. Thank you!
Our room rep Jenn has contacted a few of you to ask you to send healthy treats for our very short party after the costume parade. We will probably only have about 30 min. to eat and watch a short video. Thanks to Jenn for her hard work and to the parents who are helping with carving or bringing snacks!
We have a buddy grade one class at FLVT this year. We will be writing short notes and make into a book we will send to them on Friday. We will be sending them treats as well. We will make our buddies 4 to 5 books this year as we become better writers.
We are very excited to continue the Walking Toward Literacy series. We have contacted a number of "local Celebrities" and have asked them to come and read their favourite childhood book to participating grade 1 - 3 classes. Afterwards, students will be encouraged to ask questions and write about the story they heard. If you have any suggestions for possible readers please let me know. Our second session is on Friday October 26th.
Thank you for all of the practicing of spelling words you have been doing at home. It has been making a positive difference in both student confidence and performance!

Please collect a variety of leaves if you are out and about. We will use them for an art project on Friday.
If you have any questions of concerns, please don't hesitate to contact me at or 403 327-4386.
Dates to remember:

Oct 16 - Helen Schuler - 12:45 - 2:15 pm
Oct 17 - Crusader Assembly Period 11:10 - 11:40 am
Oct 17 - Crazy Hat Day
Oct 18 - Student Retreat - Face to Face
Oct 18 - Hot lunch
Oct 22- School Council Meeting - 7:00 pm
Oct 24/25- Parent/Teacher Collaborative Meetings
Oct 25 - Photo retakes

Oct 26 - WTL Reader - Matt Furukawa
Oct 29 - Pumpkin Carving - 10:30 - 11:40ish