Saturday, 6 September 2014

Well, we made it through our first week!! I am so proud of your children, I know how hard it is to transition from half day to full day! It is normal to have a bit of an adjustment period during the first month or more. It will get better soon I promise!
I had a chance to do some assessment on all of the students this week. I was checking to see if they knew all of their alphabet (upper and lower case) letters and their sounds. I also assessed the number of Dolch sight words they recognized. There is a side link to the three Dolch lists we will be working on this year. My hope is that they will know all letters and sounds and be able to recognize all words on the pre primer list by the November report card. Practicing at home is allowed!
In Math we are working on sorting and patterning. We will also be practicing rote counting up to 100. We started card games on Friday as it is a wonderful and fun way to learn numbers and counting.
Please send back your computer and church forms as soon as possible. I  sent the Scholastic order on Friday for those who are interested. These are great books at reasonable prices.
Show and share starts this week. Please check the Show and Share calendar to see when it is your child's day. We are less formal than kindergarten. Students are asked to bring something they want to show or tell the class about. They will also be my little helper for the day. Generally, we don't have parents or siblings attend because we fit it into our day rather that designating a specific time.
Last week we reviewed primary colours and this week we focus on secondary colours. Please look on the calendar and encourage your child to wear the colour of the day. If they don't have clothing in a certain colour, have your child make something in that colour and pin it to their shirt. We don't want this to become a stressful activity for students (or their parents).
Please contact me by phone or email with any concerns. I believe in dealing with issues while they are small, so that they don't become big. Sometimes a Band-Aid or a bit of TLC can fix most anything!! Also, I update the blog each weekend so keep checking.
Have a relaxing weekend and I will see you on Monday.
Mrs. Beaudin

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