Sunday, 8 November 2015

Weekly Update - November 9 - 16

Lest We Forget
We will participate in a Remembrance Day assembly on Tuesday morning. Parents are welcome to join us. We have been reading stories about the meaning of Remembrance Day and doing some activities. The students are learning the importance of being grateful for the freedoms we enjoy. Remembrance Day is on Wednesday and both Thursday and Friday will be PD and Staff Retreat so, they are no school days for the students.
The forms went home last week for our fieldtrip to the Galt Museum on November 17th. Please have the forms signed and back by November 10th. I am grateful to the parents who will be joining us to help chaperone the class. You might be surprised by the interesting tidbits about Lethbridge you will glean from this fieldtrip!
I was able to successfully complete assessments on all of the students and I am now working on reporting my findings to the parents via report cards. If any of you are unable to make the interviews on the allotted dates, I am happy to make other arrangements. I also will be opening up 4:00 and 4:15 timeslots on interview days. Please email me if you want to book an alternate time. You have wonderful children who are eager to learn, it makes my job a blessing!
Things to remember:
  • Nov 10 - Remembrance Day assembly - 10:40 am
  • Nov 11 - Remembrance Day - no school
  • Nov 12 - PD Day - no school for students
  • Nov 13 - Staff Retreat - no school for students
  • Nov 16 - Report cards distributed.
  • Nov 17 - Conference Manager opens up to book interview times.
  • Nov 17 - 1B to Galt Museum 1:00 - 2:15 (bus leaves the school about 12:45)

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