Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Weekly Update - August 31 - September 4

Dear Grade 1B Parents,

We have a busy year ahead of us!  First grade is very exciting because your child will be learning how to read and write.  We will also be covering exciting topics in math, science, social studies, health, physical education, art, music, and drama. I hope your child is ready to learn exciting things, see old friends and make some new ones too!
In an effort to cut down on paper usage, I am attempting to put more information on the 1B webpage/blog or in an email. For those of you visiting this class webpage for the first time; please go to the St. Patrick website and go to the drop down arrow under classroom links, click on Mrs. Beaudin then follow the blog link. It may be a good idea to favourite the page for easy access.

Among other things on the class webpage, you will find a “Show and Share Calendar", monthly spelling lists, important dates and fieldtrip information. I encourage you to use this online calendar as a way to keep track of your child's special day. I  have also made weekly spelling lists on the Spelling City site. It is a fun way for students to practice the spelling words. Click on the link below to access Spellingcity. The username and password are both pbeaudina.

In January I will be adding daily homework activities on the “Monthly Homework” link. Students are invited to complete the daily activities (in a scribbler, duo tang or binder) until the end of each month. Once they are finished, they can bring it to me for a sticker. This homework is optional and not meant to add pressure to your already busy evenings, but I have discovered that many of the students enjoy the short activities.
If your child is having a birthday party and you would like me to assist him or her with distribution of invitations to classmates, it would be greatly appreciated if there were an invitation for each student (or all girls/all boys). If you are not sure of all the names I can write the names on blank paper for you. Currently there are 21(11 girls/10 boys) students in Mrs. Beaudin's class. Should you be unable to accommodate all the children in the class, which is totally understandable, I thank you for distributing invitations outside of school time to avoid hurt feelings.
Permission forms will be sent home about a week prior to the date of each fieldtrip. Please contact me if you have any questions at 403 327-4386.
Please check out the "Important Dates" link for upcoming events.

Warm regards,


Penny Beaudin


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