Saturday, 28 October 2017

Weekly Update - October 30 - November 3

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Last week was full of many fun activities. It started off with the teachers participating in some enriching sessions on literacy. Parent council hot lunch came from Subway on Wednesday. It was very much enjoyed by all students and staff who ordered. The week concluded with pumpkin carving in the Art room. Thank you to all of you who came to participate as well as to those who sent pumpkins for carving! Before the end of the day the students participated in a draw to take a jack-o-lantern home.

This week we will try to keep things as "normal" as possible leading up to Tuesday's Hallowe'en festivities. Tuesday will continue as usual until last recess. We will start recess at about 2:00ish and students will be allowed to change into their costumes.We will have the grade one classrooms designated as boy and girl change rooms. Parents are welcome to come at 2:00 pm to help with the costumes. PLEASE DO NOT SEND YOUR CHILD TO SCHOOL DRESSED IN COSTUME.

Beginning at 2:30, there will be a costume parade that will take about 20 - 30 min. After that is finished, we will return to the classroom to enjoy a Hallowe'en video and some yummy snacks. Please don't worry if you were not contacted by the room rep to provide a snack. We will have about 4 parties this year and each parent will have an opportunity to provide snacks for one of them, thanks in advance.

Dates to Remember:
  • Oct 31 - Halloween Parade - 2:30 pm in the gym (parents welcome)
  • Nov 1 - All Saints Day
  • Nov 3 - weekly spelling test (you, and, here, blue, come)
  • Nov 3 - Random Acts of Kindness Day
  • Nov 3 - Blue Michaelangelo eat in the gym with their team
  • Nov 6 - Bus evacuation drill

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